Tidiane is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Syracuse University, NY. He previously researched issues in interjurisdictional tax competition as a postdoctoral fellow at the NBER. He studied economics at the Paris School of Economics. He received his PhD from the University of Lyon in the  GATE CNRS

His main areas of research include public economics, urban economics, and public policy evaluation with a focus on local jurisdictions. He uses a wide variety of methods, including applied theory, reduced-form empirics, and structural estimation.

He studied the importance of the urban setting for different local policy instruments, such as taxes on households and businesses, and public goods and services. He is also interested in the empirical identification of tax competition. His recent research focuses on welfare effects of local policy determination.

Tidiane presented his paper A New Approach to Evaluating the Welfare Effects of Decentralized Policiesat the NBER conference on the Economic Effects of Tax Competition.

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