I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Switzerland where I work on a project about local tax heavens and give a lecture on Public Finance

I studied economics at the Paris School of Economics. In 2018, I obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Lyon in the  GATE CNRS.

My main areas of research include public economics, urban economics, and public policy evaluation with a focus on local jurisdictions. I studied the importance of the urban setting for different local policy instruments, such as taxes on households and capital, and public goods and inputs. I am also interested in the empirical identification of tax competition. Recent research focuses on capitalization in housing prices of schools and pro-investment policy.


  • « Tax competition within metropolitan areas » has been awarded the 2019 PhD Prize by the French Economic Association. 
  • I received the qualification of Maître de conférence (Assistant professor) by the CNU (National council of the University).
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